Single Dad, Disabled Daughter – Night Terrors

Single Dad, Disabled Daughter – Night Terrors

Yep, I hear you. It is a tremendous worry and one that I also held and sadly, realized. My daughter, born with a rare genetic syndrome that most doctors have not even heard of (tetrasomy 18p) passed when she was 13 years of age from cardiac arrest which was likely due to a seizure. I guess, as a parent of a child – any child – it is ingrained in us to worry. However, what I would like to convey is that while concern is an unavoidable part of love, once one has done everything within their means to ensure health is monitored by professionals, you can only hope for the best and try not to focus too much on the “what-ifs” because that is time best spent enjoying your loved one. No one knows what tomorrow brings. Cherish today. ❤ VM


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