MassOutrage contains real-world practical information about what to do if:

>You are being attacked in a Family or Juvenile Court by a state child protection agency such as the Department of Children and Families (DCF, DYFS, DSS, CPS, etc.); OR

>Someone has used false allegations of abuse to get a domestic abuse restraining order against you; OR

>You are going through a divorce or paternity case where you are not being treated fairly;

The information on this site will help you understand some of the law which is working against you, and even more important, the politics behind the law. Once you get this info, you will understand what is really happening to you and your family. It will finally begin to make sense – in a twisted sort of way. Then, you will be equipped to fight back in a smarter way, to save your family, your children, and your future. It’s free, and there is no catch.

I call the three aspects of family law referenced above “THE IRON TRIANGLE” of family law, because they are used together to crush and ruin families. If all three are going on at the same time, you could be fighting three different cases in three different courts. It’s enough to destroy even the strongest person.

Sometimes, there is even a fourth part of the triangle added (a 3-D point if you will), and that is a criminal case, such as a violation of a restraining order, an assault and battery, or a false allegation of sexual abuse.

This web site exposes the dirty tricks in each of these family law areas, and provides legal information on how to understand what is going on, how to oppose it, and how to win, despite the odds. You cannot fight these things straight on. Only guerrilla war works. Lawyers hide this knowledge, and the government will never admit the truth of it.

State courts and agencies war against families, and try to convince family members to use restraining orders or the state child protection agency as a weapon. If the family member succumbs to the temptation to use the system against friend or kin, in order to get a leg up in court, he or she usually ends up ruining not just the other parent, but the children as well.

Wait a Minute – Aren’t Some Parents Really Bad?

Some Parents are horrible and you may be one of them. The worst ones don’t even see what they are doing to their children, and you may be one of them.

Children learn what they live. Some parents are angry and pop off about everything, and then wonder why the children are angry all the time. Some have temper tantrums, and then wonder why the children are so badly adjusted. Some are self-indulgent or addicted to drugs or booze, and then wonder why the kids are screwed up. Some parents have had a bad life with bad breaks, but instead of overcoming it, they play the perpetual victim, and wonder why their kids have trouble.

Then there is the whole set of harm which parents do to children by refusing to get married, or by having an abusive boyfriend around. Some of the worst parents are those raised by DCF itself, because DCF does not give a child love or teach a child how to live and be wise. This leads to clusters of horrible problems like detachment, despair, seething anger, seeking out a gang for meaning and belonging.

Parents make mistakes all over the place, and DCF often exploits them. If you send a child to a public school, or depend on the state for money, food, health, housing or other needs, you are opening your door to destruction. They have their spy network out and looking at you. Don’t forget what Vladimir Lenin, founder of Soviet Russia said: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

Other parents are abusive and mean, and don’t even have a clue how they come across to DCF or the “system”. Incredibly, they are the first to complain and join anti-DCF groups, even though they may be totally dysfunctional.

If you are doing any of these things, you will be a target. Blame the system, yes. But blame yourself first, and get straightened out, or you will never have the moral strength to fight and win against the system.

If you are being falsely accused, read on:

Restraining Order Outrage

Domestic Abuse Restraining orders or Orders of Protection are supposed to protect petitioners from actual abuse, but are used more often to dump a boyfriend, as a first strike in a divorce, or out of spite. Courts issue them much too easily, because they are afraid not to, and a violation of the order brings almost instant over-reaction of arrest and jail.

A restraining order can take away more liberty and family unity than all but the most serious criminal cases. If the court issues a restraining order, the defendant (the person it is against) cannot go home, cannot see his children, cannot try to work things out with the other party, cannot be in certain places, and can be thrown in jail for 2 1/2 years for just sending a text to the “victim.” Since there is a registry of all “abusers” who have restraining orders, it stops defendants from getting jobs, exercising 2nd amendment rights, and trashes reputations. Friends and neighbors give you the evil eye.

A huge domestic abuse industry makes lots of money exploiting the problem. The victim-industrial complex, paid for by taxpayers, builds domestic violence shelters (for women only), runs anger management programs (for men only), and hires swarms of people like court employees, victim advocates, visitation centers, therapists, and many other hangers-on.

Child Protective Services Outrage

Departments of Children and Families, called other names in different states (DCYS, CPS, DSS, etc.), allegedly protect children from abuse and neglect. However, anyone at all can call an “abuse hotline” and make allegations against another person on flimsy or no evidence, such as a teacher, a cranky neighbor, a divorcing partner, or an enemy. Once a family gets pushed into the system, terrible things happen and children are actually abused far more often than at home.

These agencies do grossly inept investigations, and take children from families wrongly all the time, ruining them in the process. Over 500,000 children are in state custody at any one time in the United States, a staggering number. The average-sized state has around ten thousand children in captivity at any one time.

Plus, the DCF also has a separate registry of abusers, on which any alleged perp stays for 75 years. Anyone whose name is in the registry cannot be a teacher, day care worker, bus driver, foster parent, and much else.

There are trainloads of money to be made in this child abuse racket, which comes from state government budgets and from massive federal reimbursements. Just the Massachusetts DCF has 5000 employees, and many times that number in outside cronies, therapists, lawyers, court personnel, investigators, psychiatrists, guardians, visitation centers, child kidnapping teams, etc. It adds up to billions of bucks in the average state.

Divorce and Paternity Outrage

Divorce and paternity cases almost always leave everyone broke, angry, and exhausted. Children need both parents, but courts usually do not see it that way, despite their own explicit policies to promote shared parenting. See, for example, this Massachusetts official court booklet called Planning for Shared Parenting. (click the title.)

The U.S. Supreme Court has stated that a parent has a fundamental right to raise a child. Family courts typically take children away from one perfectly fit parent and give them to the other parent, usually the mother, rather than ensuring joint parenting. Then the court awards arbitrary child support, even if both parents are actually supporting the child already.

Can Government EVER Solve the Problem?

The unstated big idea behind all these terrible abuses of families is that certain people are broken and the government can fix them. Can’t be done.

Are you fixable? Not unless you want to be “fixed”. People are not like machines, which can be repaired and restored with mechanical means. People have to want to be fixed in order to do it. The court can’t make an abusive man go to a batterer class and just expect he will change. He has to want to change, and then he can under the right conditions. Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t “fix” drunks if DCF sends them there, but only helps those who already want to help themselves.

Much of the problem is caused by government in the first place. Fatherless families have increased because the government makes it pay to have no father around. The war on drugs makes gangs pay. Welfare of all sorts makes being a slug pay. When DCF raises kids, it ruins them, and then preys on them later. Government’s war on women, on education, on religion, on families, have all taken terrible tolls.

In short, the government can’t solve the problems of parents and children. It can’t solve the problem of abuse. It can’t fix it. When it tries, despite the good intentions of social workers, judges and therapists, it doesn’t work well or often.

The System is Broken, Ruined, Dead

I’ll say it in even stronger terms: The entire family/juvenile/domestic violence system is broken, dead, gone, ruined. It destroys millions of families in endless ways: It takes children from fit parents; It bankrupts everyone except the recipients of child support; It kidnaps children for profit. It plunders the taxpayers. It fills the jails, courts, and unemployment lines, while robbing persons of their children, rights, dignity, guns, money, and souls.

Many social workers and other bureaucrats went into government “service” because they wanted to help others. But the system itself is so fouled up, and misguided and corrupt to the core, that many of the idealists either give up or become cynical, knowing that their efforts are going to be used as coercion against others (backed up by government agents with guns), or just be ineffective.

The only entity that can fix the legal mess won’t do it – That is the state legislatures who passed these laws which falsely presume they can “fix” families and stop violence. The state reps and senators KNOW that these laws are evil. They hear it daily from citizens. They don’t care, because to change the laws would be to anger their real power base and to lessen their own influence and control.

When it’s a choice between doing the right thing or keeping the beasts happy who profit from this government system, the choice is easy: The children can keep being abused. That is a small price to pay for keeping your legislator properly pimped and bribed.

What Can Be Done?

All is not lost. We can do a lot to prevent the system from coming at us in the first place, or from ruining us and our children if it does.

Every day I am asked by parents what can be done about this outrage?

The first thing is to get your own act together. If you are angry, abusive, addicted, or addled in some way, you are a big target. Look at yourself and be honest about who you are. Quit excusing bad behavior in yourself.

“I can’t help it that I have a temper.” Oh yes you can, and you better, or you’ll lose your children to the system.

The other prong of attack is against the law and politics of the system. Most people only seem to want to do that, instead of first learning to deal with their own issues. Big mistake. Once you do that, then go to step two – the evil system itself.

What to do? Until people mob the state legislature with pressure, and stop voting for the moral mutants that harm them (I have never understood why people vote for people who promise their enslavement by putting in even MORE government programs), nothing will change.

State reps and senators know only two motives – 1) How do I get re-elected? 2) Who can I get to pay for it?

Since we can’t pay like the insiders can, with our own tax dollars, we have to inflict political pain, which, to a state legislator, means exposing their lazy, no-good, evil voting record, and creating opposition to their continued power.

That will not happen until a lot more people of character and good will stop taking government goodies, and start standing against the system itself. It can only be done by showing the unintended consequences of all of these do-gooder programs and how they don’t actually do good.


Why Because this information is not available anywhere else. It is kept secret by the legal profession, by courts, lawyers, DCF workers, and feminists. Understanding the family and juvenile law system is desperately needed by almost anyone caught in its jaws, yet there seems to be no where to turn to get the information on how it really works.

At the right, you will find links to detailed information analyzing many of these issues, reviewing the dirty tricks used by agencies and courts, and explaining in general how to fight back and deal with the situation.

Many people come to this site and find out about the nightmare that is family law, then realize that they have done a lot of things wrong. They have done something that earned them a restraining order. Or they have fallen for a bunch of dirty tricks, or have given way too much information to a social worker.

All is not lost. You can start doing it right from this point, and hopefully claw your way back to save your family from the system.

All of the available resources are set out in links on the right, which you can click to get to the information you want to study.

There is hope. There really is. You can’t win by fighting in the conventional way, because it just plays right into their hands. But you can fight and win if you do it right. Only guerrilla war works.

May you find needed help, knowledge, encouragement and hope here, even when the battle is hard and long.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:7

Let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me. Ps. 25:2.

One Final Note

The information presented on this web site is general educational information and political opinion, and is not intended to be specific legal advice for your case. Please consult a lawyer to assist you in your own situation.

The information set out above is a very brief overview of the problem and what you will find on this web site, presented by Gregory A. Hession J.D. (J.D. stands for juris doctor, a law degree). Mr. Hession was a lawyer specializing in family and constitutional law from 1993 until September of 2013, and is currently not practicing law.

Mr. Hession was suspended from the practice of law for a year and a day, starting September 27, 2013, after which he must apply for re-instatement. This happened because he assisted a mother to take her older teen child from DCF custody and send her back to her custodial father in another state, and then misled the court by failing to disclose his role and the mother’s role in that matter.


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