For gods sake. This is Alberta. Can’t the guy have another piece of toast? – Julie Ali

For gods sake. This is Alberta. Can’t the guy have another piece of toast? – Julie Ali

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

more toast please
Younger boy has to write a test in French after school and so pick up will be delayed today. I have watered the hanging basket I got from RONA. The basket is very sweet. There were baskets at ARCH Greenhouses when I went today and picked up the red and yellow begonia plus the multicolored geranium and I was tempted but I forget to water them when I get them—and so just one basket is plenty to think about. Last year I had about five hanging baskets and got them to a state of suffering. They were almost always extinct before I remembered their existence. It is hard to write and think about a garden. It is even hard to write and think of the boys. Sometimes they live entirely on minced chicken parts rejuvenated as chicken strips and chips. This is not a good diet. But perhaps they will marry women who can cook and then they can blame their mother for their forced fast food childhood.

The garden is very messy. The older boy is home and has encouraged me to do something about it but what does he expect me to do about the jungle? The onions have taken over the main back bed and they will grow despite my attempts at ethnic cleansing.

The ferns that are in the side bed are now sashaying about blandishing their swords and I am afraid of them. They were tiny nubs last year and the year before so that I thought they were tame but in reality they have been biding their time waiting for me to become unconscious so that they could take over the world. The bed by the deck is comatose still and the laundry is dripping over it. The laundry is drying out after three days of wet. I hope I have time to take it in after the three days of dripping today. Then maybe put up the laundry in the washing machine that has waited for two days to be put up outside. The rain has interrupted my good habit of washing the masses of men created laundry and now the mud room is full. I haven’t got any idea what to make for supper. I will have to go out again. Older boy ate all the five Juicy Jumbo sausages that I had bought as well as the rest of the chicken strips I had bought for younger boy so that he would not die of starvation.
There is a moribund chilli in the fridge but no one likes chilli and so I will buy hotdogs so they will eat the chilli with the dogs.
This is to say I have to use junk food to cover up my junk cooking.

I had a bit of a Jane Austen desire for the last few days and I have re-read “Sense and Sensibility”. It is quite a book.  I will have to read it yet again–it is so full of flavor and charm. The book encourages me to be self disciplined instead of being passionately annoyed when I yap to the politicians. I mean the politicians are toads but toads cannot help being toads.
This is a genetic matter.
You are born being a toad (this is my excuse for politicians).

I read through the Sense and Sensibility book and was happy with the fact that it isn’t a wasted reading business as so many books can be.
Then I took out “Oliver Twist”. I have already read it as a child but I wanted to read it again. The fact is that this book was taken out because of what Bob told me about his breakfast. He had his toast and he had asked for more toast. But he was told he could not have any more toast. I don’t know why. Is this a diet thing?  Or is it a cost thing?
Upon hearing this story, I decided to go get out Oliver Twist and read the pathetic part where Oliver asks for more food and is beaten.
I feel that Bob was emotionally beaten.
For gods sake.
This is Alberta.
Can’t the guy have another piece of toast?

I had to take my handicapped sister four pieces of bread today as I had a hangover from this story.

If she wants more toast then I will give it to her. I can’t take her the whole loaf or it will get moldy in the room but I will take her four slices of bread per day.
This is to ensure that if she wants more toast like Bob did, she will get it and not experience an Oliver Twist moment.
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