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Lessons Prentice Learned at Harper’s Knee

December 1, 2014

Susan on the Soapbox

Somewhere between the time that Premier Hancock stepped down and Premier Prentice ascended to the throne, the PC caucus turned into a bunch of sniveling crybabies. Not to worry, Mr Prentice will save the day with a maneuver befitting his mentor, Mr Harper.

Apparently the Liberal’s Bill 202 wedged the PC caucus between a rock and a hard place.

Bill 202 obligates schools boards to let students form gay-straight alliances (GSAs) and eliminates the right of parents to pull their kids out of classes on religion, sexuality and sexual orientation.

The PC caucus was afraid that if they voted against Bill 202 they’d look like they didn’t support gay students, but if they voted for Bill 202 they’d upset parents (voters) and school boards.

Hmm, tough decision…what to do? Help vulnerable students or appease right wing parents and school boards? Ask for amendments in public debate or be absent from…

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