Living in the Shadows

‘”In 1933… Germany introduced the “Malicious Practices Act“… over 10,000 victims were arrested, many of them just disappeared, after being reported by their neighbour.”‘

“The Malicious Practices Act was a desperate measure introduced to rid the German state of its ‘oppressors’ and ‘enemies’.

In particular, the Nazi state imposed new legislation that made it illegal to speak wrongly of, or criticise the regime and its leaders. The two key guidelines were that of Protective Custody and Preventative Custody. Preventative Custody was aimed at the undesirables within society, for example paupers, homosexuals and Jews. Those who were unfortunate enough to fall into this category could be arrested even if an offence had not been committed. Homosexuality was a criminal offense in Weimar and Nazi Germany.”

A Poster Child's Perspective

Shining the light on the dark recesses of the political mind! Shining the light on the dark recesses of the political mind!

Franklin D. Roosevelt is credited with the saying “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”.   That statement was part of his inauguration speech in 1933.  And yet today we have a government that campaigns on fear and prejudice rather than good policy and the protection of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

And they do this by hiding it behind the argument of the #niqab, a face covering.  In reality what they are “covering” is their own dislike for the Charter both in and outside of Canada.  Jason Kenney is on record as blaming the UN Human Rights Convention as an impediment to stripping citizenship from others.

There is a certain irony in the timing of FDR’s quote regarding fear.  As I said it was during his inaugural speech in 1933, the same year the Republic…

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