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Tatyana Brown- “Gaslit”/everydayfeminism

April 16, 2016

Protective Mothers' Alliance International

Taking its name from the 1944 film The Gaslight,

gas-lighting is a form of mental abuse in which false information

is continuously presented to a survivor in order to make them doubt their memory, perception, and sanity

You know you’ve really got it bad when decades later,

shadows in your apartment flicker after the sky is baptized in lightning,

and you hear his voice instead of thunder telling you, “There is no storm”

You don’t need to close the windows

That is not water pouring in sheets onto the rooftops,

flooding your bedroom until the mattress weeps under your weight

It’s just an accident

Probably you did it, little girl

Why are you making such a scene?

It’s a quiet night, a leaky bathtub upstairs,

there is nothing to protect yourself or anyone else from, darling

Everyone is…

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April 7, 2016

Together We Can Heal

April is Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Abuse Awareness month in the U.S.A.

Will you be there for the children of abuse?

Michal Madison Art's photo.
Michal Madison Art with Michal Madison and Mary E Graziano.

I Will Be There For You

I will be there for you
To lift your spirits high,
Take away your doubts and fears
When all you do is cry.

I will be there for you….
Give you a shoulder to lean on
Without words I’ll hold you tight
And help you to be strong.

I will be there for you….
When no-one else does care,
Wipe the tear-drops from your cheeks
When life is just not fair.

I will be there for you….
When the darkness swallows night,
Hold your hand ‘til you do sleep
Together win this fight.

I will be there for you….
When shadows frighten so,
Reassure you, love you…

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Standards or Intent?

April 1, 2016

Terry Wiens - A Poster Child's Perspective

Well Easter is behind us, spring looks like it is upon us and I’m starting to ramp up for the season.  Good to be able to get out to do some wheeling around without rain.

I recently wheeled over to check out the new Smitty’s restaurant.  Upon my arrival I discovered a senior trying to open the door to get into the restaurant while balancing on her walker.  It was quite the activity considering the door is on a small incline and swings out.  As a wheelchair user I know how difficult it is to pull a door towards you while balancing on an incline.

I quickly fired off an e-mail to Nanaimo City engineering asking why there was no automatic door opener in a “new” restaurant.  The response from the Director of Engineering and Public Works read (and I quote) “I have looked that section up and yes…

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