Standards or Intent?

Terry Wiens - A Poster Child's Perspective

Well Easter is behind us, spring looks like it is upon us and I’m starting to ramp up for the season.  Good to be able to get out to do some wheeling around without rain.

I recently wheeled over to check out the new Smitty’s restaurant.  Upon my arrival I discovered a senior trying to open the door to get into the restaurant while balancing on her walker.  It was quite the activity considering the door is on a small incline and swings out.  As a wheelchair user I know how difficult it is to pull a door towards you while balancing on an incline.

I quickly fired off an e-mail to Nanaimo City engineering asking why there was no automatic door opener in a “new” restaurant.  The response from the Director of Engineering and Public Works read (and I quote) “I have looked that section up and yes…

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