A Day at a Time

A Poster Child's Perspective

“A right must exist independently of its exercise,” – Rory O’Shea Was Here (2004)

Throughout my life I have been asked more times than I care to count, “What’s it like living with a disability?” Depending on my mood I would utter some flippant comment or make some kind of feel good statement. To me that question was like me asking someone “What’s it like to live with a big nose?” Or “What’s it like to be fat?” Basically we are who we are.  I grew up with crutches.  I never know anything else. To me, this was normal.

You're a person, not a product You’re a person, not a product

People are multi-faceted and a disability doesn’t change that.  There were many things that contributed to who or what I am, the disability is only one of that factors.  I believe what shapes us is how we handle events in our lives and what we do…

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