Building Social Isolation

A Poster Child's Perspective

When does passion become obsession?  I am passionate in regards to access.  I am passionate about defending the right to access that so many others have fought so hard to achieve.  I am passionate about ensuring complacency or lack of historical perspective does not allow the new world of #socialmedia to create new challenges to access.  You can’t build ramps to improve access in the digital world but you can build attitudes.  It is attitude that is the access tool in the digital world.  It was attitude that helped develop the Braille e-reader thereby opening a large component of social media to the blind.  These are my passions.

I am obsessed with getting people to understand that access is about attitude.  The “information age” brings a whole new challenge to access.  We need to adjust our attitudes and policies to reflect the realities of today.  I have concerns when…

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